Antonia has built up a great relationship with two top wedding hairdressers in Berkshire.  Choosing the right hairdresser is absolutely essential as the cut and colour can have a huge impact on a bride’s wedding hair.

We recommend Hayley Beaumont who runs a small salon from home. Hayley has been cutting and colouring Antonia’s hair for the last three years.  She has been mastering her craft for many years and also does some styling work herself.  So she fully understands the importance of a good cut and colour for wedding hair.

The second hairdresser that Antonia wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to her clients is Carmel.  Carmel is the proprietor of The House salon in Sunninghill.  She has been a hairdresser for thirty years, so she comes with a wealth of experience. Not only is she an excellent colourist, but also a great cutter.  She also understands that over cutting a bride’s hair can seriously affect the hairstyling the day of a wedding.


We have talked extensively to our clients to find out what they’re looking for when it comes to hairdressing. The point that keeps being mentioned is that more often than not they come away disappointed.  And in some cases there are major cutting and colouring errors.  In order for us to be able to style their hair on the wedding day it needs to be cut properly.  Sadly a lot of hairdressers don’t actually listen to their clients often taking off too much or just cutting it badly.


The other area of hair dressing that is so important is when we are asked to custom make hair extensions. When we colour match a bride’s hair we have to be sure that the colourist will match the colour for the wedding day exactly.  Otherwise the extensions we make won’t match.  For further information on this service please click here

To view some examples of updo’s where the cutting is so important then please click here

To view some examples of wedding hair where the colouring is essential then please click here

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Below are some examples of really great cutting and colouring.

wedding hairdressers Berkshire
wedding hairdressers Berkshire
wedding hairdressers Berkshire