Clip in extensions for wedding hair are a great way to add some length and volume to fine hair.   They are easy to wear and are reusable. They are definitely our preferred option as they are cheaper than semi permanent extensions.  The don’t last well in the sun or the sea on your honeymoon, as well as being extremely expensive.


We do ask that any clients who decide to use this service,  give us plenty of notice.   We will need to do two trials and it may take a while to get a really good colour match.  This is essential for them to look real.


In this scenario it is important you have a colour done sooner rather than later.   This means that when I come to do your first trial I can colour match your hair correctly. There are fewer options when it comes to European hair so if this is the type of hair we’re using we may have to alter the price slightly.  This is because we sometimes have to buy two packets of hair so that we can custom blend them for you.


The extensions for wedding hair prices start around £300 and can increase depending on how much hair we need to use. In some up do’s it might only be necessary to put a couple of pieces in to add volume.  And on these occasions we will advise that you source the hair yourselves.  This is the cheapest option in this scenarios. £300 includes a second trial, the cost of one packet of hair, the clips and our time to purchase it and then prep it ready for use.

Please click here to see images of “before” and “after” styles to see the full effect a set of extensions can give you.

Videography by Adrian Stone of The Dreamcatchers www.thedreamcatchers.co.uk

Many thanks to Warren House for allowing us the use of their beautiful venue www.warrenhouse.com