Not only do we provide an excellent service in hair and makeup, but we are also aware of the emotions and stress that can sometimes take over on a wedding day.  By being emotionally detached from the situation, means that we can keep an air of calm and tranquillity throughout the morning. When necessary we are quite happy to help with dressing the bride, fitting the veil, putting on shoes, pinning button holes and just being an extra pair of hands to make it all run as smoothly as possible.
When doing our timings for the morning, we will take into account how long it might take dressing the bride, depending on the style of the dress. Any dresses with corsetry or small buttons need extra time. We will also take into consideration how long your photographer might need with you for photos .All the makeup artists who work for Elle Au Naturel are picked not only for their skill but their personality and their ability to work well in what can sometimes be slightly stressful circumstances.
This is all part of our hair and makeup service.