Although product ranges and application are vital in a successful trial, Antonia firmly believes that communication is paramount. We begin each bridal hair and makeup trial with an in-depth discussion about the style of the client’s wedding.  We ask about  the colours of flowers, dresses and venues and also look at the day to day makeup regime of the client.   This enables us to create the perfect look for every bride.  I advise all clients to wear white or ivory to their trial so it complements the skin ton.  It also reflects light back up onto the face giving a truer reflection of what the makeup will look like on the day.


The “Perfect Look” is different for every client.  Whether she is a non makeup wearer, who wants a flawless and fresh, natural finish, or the  glamorous girl who wants a stronger look.  We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor a style to each individual client.  Once the client is happy with the look, she can then decide what products will be necessary to have on the day.   Lip products and powder being the two essentials.  We can provide glosses, lip sticks liners and mineral foundation out of our own range of mineral makeup, Mii Cosmetics.


Having trained extensively in period hair styling and wig dressing, we can provide a myriad of stunning hairstyles.  Ranging from the simple to the highly detailed, allowing the client to achieve their dream look.  All hair products used are of the highest quality and hair extensions can also be purchased if necessary.


Due to the growing popularity of reportage photography it is essential that the hairstyle is balanced from all angle. It should also suit the neckline of the dress and the client’s profile.   All these details are taken into account when designing a hairstyle for a client at a bridal hair and makeup trial.  So from whatever angle the bride is photographed she will look her absolute best.


Please allow at least three hours for your trial.  We can by all means try a couple of different styles, but it is important that you narrow it down to a couple of options.  If you don’t it can get confusing for yourself and the hairstylist.  By having a range of images of hair and makeup you like and dislike will help us decide on the best look for you.

Videography by Adrian Stone of The Dreamcatchers

Many thanks to Warren House for allowing us the use of their beautiful venue