Over the years I have found many clients that have darker skin tones or who are quite sallow, are more often than not using the wrong colour of foundation. Sometimes this is down to poor advice when the are colour matched or they just find it very difficult to find a colour that doesn’t have any pink in it. A lot of high street brands tend to cater more for the pinkier skin tones, which if applied to an Asian or Arabic skin can go grey and ashen. I predominantly use Mii Cosmetics that has a good range of colours, but also use Cover FX pigment drops on my Asian brides. Both of these products are easily mixed so I can show you how to custom blend them in order to achieve an exact colour match. Whilst, over the years, we have tended to specialise in natural make-ups, as that’s what the majority of our clients have requested, we can also achieve beautiful looks with just a little more definition, but still keeping the skin looking flawless and natural. Please go to the Indian and Middle Eastern gallery by clicking here and the Chinese gallery by clicking here, to see further examples of different skin tones.


Indian Wedding Makeup
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